Personal Branding: Creating a Personal Website to Attract Employers


As technology advances, employers are seeking new ways to determine who and who not to hire. A creative way to attract employers and to stand out from other job seekers is to design your own personal website. Some of us—even in the year 2013—still are not “tech-savvy.” But, don’t worry! Many cool templates are available for novices to use to create your own attractive website that will impress employers and to help you to land that job!

Here are a few tips for creating your personal website:

  • Choose a website platform to build your website. There are plenty of options to choose from that are quick and simple to use for most users. A few of the better, and free, website platforms include Weebly, Wix, and Webs.
  • Use an attract design, and introduce yourself. On your homepage, make sure to upload a picture (preferably a professional photo) or a video of yourself so that employers would be able to connect your face to your name; also on your home page, be friendly by telling employers a little about yourself. Also, choose a template that not only fits your personality but also keeps people on your site for more than a few seconds. Don’t scare people away with a dull or hideous design!
  • Add a portfolio of your best work and upload your resume. That way, you will be able to prove your talents and skills to potential employers. Make sure, though, that you proofread your resume, allow employers to download your resume directly from your site, and include a way employers can contact you.

If you want an in-depth understanding of creating a personal website, here’s an article reviewing an example of a well-done personal website and the link to the actual website:

Also, here are a few website platforms to get you started!


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