Be Prepared: One Simple Step

Everyone becomes nervous before important performance events!

If you think you are alone, you are wrong. If someone tells you they do not get nervous at all before a performance of some kind, they are lying!

Nerves, which is a manifestation of adrenaline, is a common response to a fearful situation. Many of you have heard “fight-or-flight.” This means when you are faced with a difficult or dangerous situation, essentially when adrenaline floods your system, your body uses that surge and prepares to either stand strong and fight or increase endurance and run (flight). Knowing this is what your body is preparing for as you approach an interview, meeting, presentation, sales opportunity, etc. can help you to harness that adrenaline to fight! However, there are some other more concrete steps you can take to ensure you are prepared for what you will face because felling prepared is one of the most effective ways to alleviate or control the level of anxiety you may feel before a big event.

I would like to introduce you to one major element that can change the feeling you have when you approach an important event and, indeed, change the outcome of that event for the better. Simply, shifting your focus. Finding the positive through realizing the opportunity, excitement, and pleasure that is embedded in this stressful event can change your brain chemistry and increase your performance in almost every area of life.

Your brain only has a finite (limited) amount of resources it can devote towards processing the world in the present. If you choose to spend those resources evaluating and looking for the negative things in every situation, your brain literally has no resources left to notice all the positives – the benefits, meaning, and beauty found in every situation you face. If however you choose to focus on the positives, amazing things happen! Which means what?

Happiness is literally, scientifically a choice!

What this video of Shawn Achor, a former researching professor at Harvard University, talking about the happiness advantage. Then use this knowledge to prepare for any and all anxiety-provoking events you may face in the future!


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